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Spinner Ring

April 20th, 2024 (Saturday)


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Spinner Ring — It will consist of soldering the copper base ring and soldering the sterling silver or copper wire ring.  New procedures will be taught….how to precisely take measurements for this ring with formular and the draping method.

Teacher: Monique Buggs

Details :

It is an intermediate level class.  Students must have basic soldering experience.  Copper and Sterling silver will be the two metals used in the design for this spinner ring.  Copper will be the sheet metal for the base ring and the sterling silver or copper wire will form the spinner portion of the ring.  Students have the choice to choose which of the two rings they will make.  One ring will have one spinner and a stone the other will have two spinners (two different designs) to choose from.

All Tools and Materials are supplied for this Class.

Cost $55.00 per person.

* To ensure a safe and hygienic environment in classroom.  Limit 6 students in a class. *